Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 2012

Wow, now we understand what they mean when they said "Time Flys" with our little boy keeping us busy! Wyatt is doing great. He weighs 27 lbs now and is eating everything that we eat, drinking chocolate milk at grandmas house, and popcicles for the four teeth in the back that are coming in right now. two teeth on the top and two on the bottom! Ouch! Wyatt has started saying "I want that" and pointing to everything in sight. He says "Elmo", "Hat", "Boo" for book, "Da", "Ma", "Ock" for sock, "Oak" for shoe "Op" for Push (helping dad push the blender button and the microwave), "Go Go" for The Cat in the Hat show song, and when he is ready to GoGo, "Apple", "Nana" for banana, and a few more. Mommy gave Wyatt his second trim of his bangs and taped the hair in his baby book. Wyatt is running away from us now when playing around. He likes to brush his teeth and comb his hair. He points to his diaper and says "Op" when he goes Po-Po in his diaper. He points to his ear, nose,belly,knee, hair. We took Wyatt swimming at the YMCA and he really enjoys splashing in the water. Cant wait for this summer and taking Wyatt to the Lake! We had our first baby sitter for a few hours while Mommy and Daddy went to the gym- Wyatt's cousin Kylie came over to watch him. Then our neighbor Jamie came over a few weeks ago for three hours and baby sat Wyatt , even though he was sleeping the whole time at night! We are grateful we have not had to use or pay for a babysitter so far and that our parents are supportive and love to spend time with Wyatt. Wyatt likes to take a bath in Grandma Watercutter's kitchen sink, and he took a bath for a few minutes this week with Abby the dog at Grandpa and Grandma Grossarth's house. Wyatt loves "Ab" (Abby), he laughs at her and is learning how to pet her gentle. We are planning on taking Wyatt on vacation to Gatlinburg in two weeks with Grandpa and Grandma Watercutter. Christmas this year was fun with Wyatt. He didn't really tear into the presents or know what was happening. We didn't put a Christmas tree up this year because Wyatt would have probably eaten the branches. We just put some bows on his head and enjoyed our time with the family. Looking forward to this New Year and what blessings will continue to come.

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